toray carbon paper 060
toray carbon paper 060

Toray Carbon Paper 090, Wet Proofed

Toray Paper 090 – TGP-H-090 – is a carbon fiber composite paper suitable for use as a catalyst backing layer. It has a total thickness of 280 um (microns). Toray Paper 090 is a great low-cost alternative to conventional woven carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) materials.

Toray carbon paper 090 comes with a standard 5% weight wet proofing. The Teflon gives the carbon material a hydrophobic property to better function as an electrode backing material.

Quantity discounts, custom sizes, and custom wet proofing available upon request. Enquire about this product below.

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Product Description

Gas Diffusion Layer Properties

Material Type : Carbon Fiber Paper
Thickness .28 mm : (280 microns)
Bulk Density : .44 g/cm3
Porosity (%) : 78
Gas Permeability : 1700
Electrical Resistivity (through plane) : 80 mΩcm
Flexural Strength (MPa) : 40
Flexural Modulus (GPa) : 10
Tensile Strength : 70
Surface Roughness Ra : 8 µm (microns)
Electrical Resistivity (in plane) : 5.6 mΩcm
Thermal Conductivity (through plane, room temp) : (1.7) W/ (mk)
Thermal Conductivity (inplane, room temp) : 21 W/ (mk)
Thermal Conductivity (inplane, 100°C) : 23W/ (mk)
Coefficient of thermal expansion in plane : -0.8
PTFE Treatment 5 wt% : (Standard)
Microporous Layer : None


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