AvCarb P75

AvCarb P75 Gas Diffusion substrates are unparalleled in their ability to meet the rigorous demands of the fuel cell, including platinum catalyst and functional layer support, effective transport of gases and liquids, and conduction of heat and electricity. Moreover AvCarb P75 substrates are highly durable, both chemically and mechanically.

AvCarb P75 is the base substrate used in the gas diffusion layers: GDS2230, GDS2240, GDS22100, and GDS2120.

Product Description

Material Type : Carbon Paper Substrate
Nominal Thickness (@ 1psi / 0.7 N/cm²) : .245 mm (245 microns)
Nominal Thickness (@ 7.3psi / 5.1 N/cm²) : .205 mm (205 microns)
Nominal Basis Weight : 75 g/m3
Break Strength machine direction : 6.5 MPa
Break Strength cross machine direction : 3.9 MPa
Stiffness machine direction : 20.0 Taber
Stiffness cross machine direction : 3.5 Taber
Bulk Density (@ 0.69 N/cm3 / 1psi) : 0.29 g/cm3
Air Permeability (Gurley) through-plane : 15 sec/100cc
Air Permeability (Gurley) in-plane : 83 sec/100cc
Compressibility ((22N – 113N)/22 x 100%) : 10.7%
Through-Plane Resistivity : 7.8 mOhm*cm²
PTFE Treatment : None
Microporous Layer (MPL) : None


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