Toray Carbon Paper

Toray Paper is a carbon fiber composite carbon paper which has been used for PAFC and PEMFC for decades and has proven durability. Its high mechanical strength, conductivity, and gas permeability are suitable for use as a Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) in fuel cell applications.

Toray Paper – TGP-H – is made of PAN Carbon Fiber “TORAYCA” featuring high tensile strength and high modulus. The fibers used in the Toray paper are firmly connected by carbon.

Toray Paper Products Include:

• Toray Paper 30 – TGP-H-030 – total thickness of 110 um (microns)
• Toray Paper 60 – TGP-H-060 – total thickness of 190 um (microns)
• Toray Paper 90 – TGP-H-090 – total thickness of 280 um (microns)
• Toray Paper 120 – TGP-H-120 – total thickness of 370 um (microns)

Characteristics Include:

• High strength
• Excellent gas permeability
• Low electrical resistivity
• Minimal electrochemical corrosion