Fuel Cell Components

Browse through the largest collection of fuel cell materials and components in the world at the Fuel Cell Store!

From (MEA’s) membrane electrode assemblies to fuel cell stack installation parts, we have every fuel cell component and fuel cell material you could possibly need, here at the Fuel Cell Store.

We offer catalysts in a variety of concentrations and qualities, and our gas diffusion layer options are provided from an array of vendors around the world. Our Gas Diffusion Electrodes or GDE’s and our fully assembled membrane electrode assemblies or MEA’s are all painted and manufactured in our laboratory in College Station, Texas. Our membranes come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from thinnest to thickest, with Nafions HP (0.8 mil), 211 (1 mil), XL (1.1 mil), 212 (2 mil), 115 (5 mil), 117 (7 mil)  to 1110 (10 mil). Also offered are dispersions, gasketing, graphite plates, wires and cables, as well as tubing.